My teaching interest include economics of poverty, econometrics, microeconomics, urban and regional economics, labor, public, and behavioral economics at all levels.

At Hamilton College I have taught Urban economics and a Poverty and Inequality Senior Seminar.

At University of California, Davis, I was the instructor of record for Economic Development (ECN/ARE 115A) during the summer of 2018. This is an upper level undergraduate class (with 100+ students) that is an introduction to development economics and the economics of poverty in general. My syllabus for the class can be found here (syllabus) and student evaluations here (evals).

In addition, I have had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for the following courses:

University of California, Davis

  • Econometric Foundations (PhD), Fall 2014
  • Development Economics (Undergraduate), Winter 2016
  • Intermediate Microeconomics (Undergraduate), Spring 2015

Georgetown University

  • Advanced Regression and Evaluation Methods (Masters), Fall 2010
  • Introduction to Microeconomic Theory (Masters), Fall 2009