My research interest are in applied microeconomics economics and rigorous evaluation based on econometric theory. My current research studies the bi-directional relationship between poverty and mental health. In addition, I am interested in the dynamics of poverty and the interaction of psychology, decision-making, and poverty traps.

I am interested in collaboration on different topics related to poverty; health and well-being; crime and violence; behavioral and experimental economics; applied econometrics; urban and labor economics. Feel free to contact me!

Google Scholar Page.

Peer-reviewed articles:

Neighborhood Violence, Poverty, and Psychological Well-being. Accepted in Journal of Development Economics
(with Jeffrey Bloem)access here.

Income Improves Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from South Africa. Forthcoming in Economic Development and Cultural Change
(with Steve Wu)–final draft available here.

Economic Life in Refugee Camps (2017). World Development (95) 334-347
(with J. Ed Taylor, Anubhab Gupta, Irvin Rojas, & Ernesto Gonzalez)–access here

Economic Impact of Refugees (2016). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(27) 7449–7453
(with J. Ed Taylor, Mateusz Filipski, Anubhab Gupta, Irvin Rojas, & Ernesto Gonzalez)–open access here

Informality and Exclusion: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee data for Lebanon and Syria (2013). IZA Journal of Labor Policy 2(18)
(with Roberta Gatti, Joana Silva, & Carole Chartouni)–open access here

Working Papers

  • Income, Psychological Well-being, and the Dynamics of Poverty
    • Under Review. Latest draft available here (updated June 2021).
  • Social Protection Amid a Crisis: New Evidence from South Africa’s Older Person’s Grant (with Jeffrey Bloem & Jonathan Malacarne)
    • Draft available here (updated October 2021)
  • The Psychological Toll of Food Insecurity (with Jeffrey Bloem)
    • Draft available here (updated October 2021).
  • Personality Traits and Economic Shocks among the Ultra-poor (with Sikhar Mehra and Yaniv Stopnitzky)
    • Under Review. Draft available upon request.

Measuring Resilience: The Role of Psychological Well-being (with Michael Carter)

Predictors of Animosity Towards Refugees: Evidence from Lebanon’s Poor (With Jennifer Fleming, Rene Solano, Jumana ElAref, & Haneen El-Sayed)

Psychological Resilience and Poverty Dynamics

Ongoing projects:

Poverty and Corporal Punishment
(with Susan Godlonton and Emily Conover)

Empirical Tests for Poverty Traps: What works?
(with Michael Carter)